If you go to school in Wales and either of your parents are in the armed forces, are reservists (Army/Navy/RAF) or have been in the armed forces (veterans) then this project is for you!

We are working with schools across Wales to better understand how having a parent/s in the armed forces can sometimes mean that you have had to move a lot or that one/both of your parents are away a lot and that sometimes this can be really difficult to deal with.

We have been working with schools, local authorities, service families and young people like you to make a toolkit for Wales that will help schools and parents better understand when and why things might be hard for you in school. The toolkits provides them with advice on how they can help you if and when you need it.

If you would like to tell us about your experiences or would like more information on the project then please click here.

See the 'Resources and Links' tab for information on where you can get useful advice and support.



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